Eliza Evans’ work addresses the now permanent marriage of the mechanical and the organic, systemization and lived experience. Her work has been exhibited in Santa Fe, Austin and New York. She has attended residencies at Brooklyn Art Space and Woodstock Byrdcliffe. She received a BA from Oberlin Colleg and an MFA from SUNY Purchase. Evans was raised in rural TN and lives and works in Brooklyn NY. 

In physics the impact of past events on outcomes is called path dependence. Path dependence is not deterministic. Cumulative decisions and events can lead to any number of states, each of which bears the imprint of the past.   

My family started out in Pittsburgh where my father worked in industrial plastics. When my family moved to a log house on a few acres in Tennessee we packed our belongings in round, sturdy containers that had held 50 and 100 pounds of tetrafluoroethylene resin. A fascination with industry and nature has followed me since. The places I make art look more like light industrial spaces than a studio. It is the space where the mechanical and the organic--systemization and lived experience—meet. I work with paper, construction materials, plastic, trees, rock, wire, cabling, electronics and lighting to instantiate the technological mediation of everyday life and the cumulative impact of this mediation over time.