Revival, 2017, site specific installation: tree limbs, hardware, plastic wrap, twine

Dead trees and tree limbs are wrapped in plastic and suspended from live trees. The wrapped limbs do not reach the ground but are instead supported from below by a network of taught twine that mimics fungal networks that support living trees by serving as a medium for both information and nutrients. Without this twine network the dead limbs would quite literally twist in the wind. Even so, the labor spent fails to revive but, instead, only delays decay.

This site is a new, untended forest. The 1000 or so acres purchased by the art colony in 1902 had been clear cut and turned into pasture. In accordance with the Arts and Crafts orientation of the art colony, wilderness was allowed to re-take the hillside. The forest still reflects the dysfunction introduced by the clear cutting. Root systems are shallow and trees are easily toppled. The trees are of the same generation and many trees are at the end of their lifecycle. Demographically the forest is near collapse because there are too few young trees to support, rival, or replace the old.

Installation Locations: Woodstock Byrdecliffe Guild, Woodstock, New York & Newburgh, New York